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  The vision is really about empowering workers, giving them all the information about what's going on so they can do a lot more than they've done in the past.  

- Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft

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ViewPro was conceived in early 2013. We noticed that people working in the construction industry usually spent a lot of time and effort trying to track costs and ManHours spent.

Most would try to generate reports, but the quality of these varied greatly depending on the data collection methods. Report quality also relied heavily on the skills of individuals creating them. Even if people did generate good quality reports, there was no uniform way to visualise productivity on site.
There had to be a better, easier way...

We also saw that workers on the front line rarely had a full overview of their tasks, because they can't easily see how their tasks fit in with the rest of the project. We believe that if workers have more information about their project, they will have the ability make more of an impact throughout the build.

After much thought and imagination, we decided to set about helping the construction industry to track productivity & progress in a simpler manner than ever seen before, as well as empowering workers with key knowledge of their projects.

The ViewPro mission:

  • To track Costs & Manhours Spent, and to view productivity right at the workface.

  • Automate Project Controls to give more time back to Engineers & Supervisors, so they can concentrate on running the project.

  • To provide a simple yet powerful tool that benefits everybody in an organisation, not just those at head office.

  • To revolutionise the way people track their work, providing a method for people to accurately visualise the productivity of their project, from CEO to Steelfixer.

  • To utilise modern technology by offering a mobile, web-based solution using just a modern browser, and an internet connection.
    ViewPro was designed to be fast, even on slow data connections.

If everybody can
View their Productivity...

...more projects will be completed on time,
on target, and on budget.

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