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Why use ViewPro?

  Costs of an active construction project
can be simplified into 4 groups.  

- Workers -
- Equipment -
- Materials -
- Delays -

Seeing your Actual Costs -vs- your Budget Costs each day is practically unheard of.

Most projects generate a profit by completion. But the majority of contractors can't quite tell where exactly they made their gains and losses throughout the build.

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   Controlling budgets and managing project
timeframes are a frequent challenge.   

   Balancing time, money & resources
takes considerable effort and skill.   

Measuring crew efficiency is almost impossible because their workload is high and remains loosely tracked.

In order to oversee projects, a large amount of skilled effort is required on each and every construction site to create reports.

Even when good quality reports are available, they are often inaccurate, late and difficult to distribute across the entire company network.

   Progress can be difficult to measure.   

Tracking progress is expensive, because it often keeps people away from their primary tasks.

What if there was an easier way to track progress and keep on top of everything, all from one place...?

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Simply put, ViewPro helps tackle these problems in a novel way.

  • Simple Data Logging / Tracking
  • Automatic Reports
  • Live Graphs & Charts
  • Accessable via 2G internet
  • Fast learning curve

By helping you track the your resources live on site, ViewPro is a step towards clearly overseeing projects.

If you think you'd be interested in tackling these problems, why not get in touch today for a free quote?

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