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ViewPro goes international

Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at 8:04 pm

ViewPro is pleased to announce that we are currently monitoring productivity in the heart of England’s capital city, London.

In June 2016 ViewPro was contacted by Dr Sauer & Partners with regards to their upcoming project Bank Station Capacity Upgrade with London Underground. This £563m project will include the construction of new tunnels, platforms, station entrance, escalators, ticket halls and passenger lifts.

ViewPro and Dr Sauer & Partners combined forces to create a new custom web app to track and record progress on the project. After careful planning and 3 months development, Data Analysis & Tunnel Management (DATuM) was launched in February 2017 in time for commencement of construction. DATuM was created to simplify the collection of construction data which in turn automatically creates daily shift reports.

As this project will be constructed underneath the city streets of London, internet service will be limited. To counteract this, we also created a custom Android tablet app that syncs effortlessly to the main DATuM web app once the user is back overground. With this functionality, the engineers and inspectors will always be able to record the detail they need right at the construction face.

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