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Custom Construction Software Solutions

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Track Construction

Custom-built construction project management tools. Easily capture accurate construction data at the workface.
Save time every day on every project by streamlining the logging process and ensuring correct worker, equipment & material history is tracked.

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Analyse Progress Live

Live charts & graphs. Consistent reports, automatically generated at the click of a button in a format that best suits your needs. See where resources are spent in an instant. No more late nights lost on spreadsheets.
Skim for information, or explore construction projects in depth with our intuitive data visualisations. All tiers of the workforce can benefit, from CEO to Steelfixer.

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React in Time

Having live data results in quicker reactions to problems on site, saving time, money and resources.
Remove guesswork by accurately allocating resources to the areas and activities that need it most. Stem resource overspending by tracking progress during construction, not after.

* Best viewed in 720p HD Quality

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